I run. I have to be in HEALTH & BEAUTY PARLOUR at 17:00. Mrs Irene is already waiting for me. It is warmth and cosily. The smell of mint rises in air. I breathe deeply, diaphragm *.


 - Please prepare to massage - Mrs Irene tells.


The sound of Aquavibronu mobilizes me. I know, that I will relax by this device. Irene begins from coccyx and then  leads apparatus further, along spine.  Even deeper parties of muscles will relax easily by this massage. I feel, that stress goes away and tension disappear.


- What ways of relaxation you applies? -  Irene ask.


I seed that I like to read books.


- Great. I command Saramago. He wakes my senses.  -I hear in answer.


Aquavibron fades. Irene pick up olive. Music sounds quietly. Ooooooooo - tears out from my breast. I like her touch. I have impression, that after massage my skin becomes silk in touch.


I am complaining that I work near computer a lot of. My neck and nape hurts me .

Today We will be concentrating on trapezius muscle *. He is tense.


I  Agree.


My nervous system was also slowly relaxed. Something good it begins to circulating after my organism. This is endorphine *. Already patting around. I know, that massage reaches end and
I have readiness to lie yet. I get up and dressed. Mrs Irene look at me with satisfied. I look in mirror. I know! -  my pupils are so large that I am not able to see iris. I smile because I feel very good.


Thank you and see you later.


Sincerely invite you next time - She answers.



* The Diaphragm (lat. the diaphragma) it is the flat muscle, unbuttoned between pit of chest

and abdominal cavity. The work of diaphragm causes the change of shape as well as the volume of chest which makes possible breathing in and the breathing out the air.


* The quadrilateral Muscle (lat. the trapezius) it lies on neck and on upper part of back as wide and flat muscle. Both quadrilateral muscles (right and tricks) remind shape monk's hood (m. hood). The upper fibres of muscle raise towards mountain shoulder, they near settled meanwhile shoulder curve towards back head. Central fibres bring nearer to spine shoulder - blade. Bottom fibres reduce shoulder, near settled shoulder - raise towards mountain trunk. Whole muscle brings nearer to spine shoulder - blade and it squeezes her to chest as well as it removes cocktail cabinets. Common working upper and the turn of shoulder - blade causes the bottom fibres of muscle. Movement this makes possible over level the exultation of shoulder.


Source: Adam Krechowiecki, Outline of the man's anatomy, PZWL, Warsaw 1968


* The Endorphine ( the hormones of happiness) the chemical substance ( the endogenic opiat) which gives the feeling of pleasure ,good mood and also the pain takes down. Causing impulse secretion endorphine are massage, chocolate, stimulation currents Tens, purchases, sex and many different. The frequency of cerebral waves level is falling to 4-10Hz by the signal to freeing endorphine.