Active style of life

Strong sides Weak sides

Good mood and satisfaction are growing (growth of dopamine in reclining core)

Self-rating is growing

Organism efficiency is growing ( increase the HDL)

The state of health and beauty are improvement

Muscular mass is growing

Form of figure is improvement

Growth of justification to working

Limitation of condiments

Length and the quality of life are growing
Skill of easy defeating the stress

It is necessity to devotion of free time and bearing the high costs
Threat Chances
Risk on injuries

Shape of organism is improvement

Improvement of shape of organism

Self - realization

Ability of quick regeneration of strengths

Winning new areas of realization of its abilities

Familiar's circle is extension

Getting rid of superfluous kilogramme 


Passive style of life

Strong sides Weak sides

There is no additional costs connected

with active style of life

Large quantity of free time

Risk of reaching after condiment is growing

Efficiency of organism is falling

Quick aging organism

Low quality of life

Low self-rating  

Non using potential (burying talents)
Threat Chances

The civilization diseases
( the arteriosclerosis, heart disease, strokes of brain, obesity, depression)
Alzheimera's disease

The possibility of development in different fields (particularly intellectual development)