Blood pressure measurment

Compressive Sequence Massage Device is used in physical therapy and rehabilitation:

  • Cellulitis elimination

  • Slim and rejuvenation therapy

  • Improve skin flexibility, elasticity and firmness

  • Human body regeneration

  • Human body efficiency improvement

  • Post-traumatic state phisical treatment

  • Lymphatic failure deasease treatment

  • Circulation failure preventive treatment

  • Lymphatic failure after mastectomy

  • Oedema deaseases treatment of different kind


Classic massage consists in touching by other person. Antient Chineese, Hindu, Greeks and Romans knew its benefits. It’s magnificence power survived till today, becouse it helps recoverig from different sicknesses. Contemporary opinions on massage’s actions very complicated mechanism indicate that local factors operating throgh nerve system may have influence on all organs and body systems.


  Massage benevolent effects


  • Skin elasticity and blood flow improvement

  • Circulation, respiratory system and thermoregulation improvement

  • Elimination of superfluous methabolism products support

  • Methabolism and regeration stimulation

  • Pain-relieving and antiphlogistic effect

  • Synovia secretion

  • Relax and calming effects

  • Mussle pain and stiffness elimination


Massage device Aquavibron would ensure your healthiness, wealness and relax after everyday stresses. It is used both for preventive treatment and below listed deseases treatment:

  • neurology: nerves deases, multiple sclerosis, stress, depression

  • reumathology: bursitis, degeneration

  • post-traumatic states, swellings, desmodynia, articular capsule injuries, contracture of a joint

  • urologhy: prostate preventive treatment, nocturia

  • circulation deseases: sclerosis, post-frost-bite states

  • alimentary canal deseases: consipation, post-operation adhesion in abdominal cavity

  • respiration system deseases: bronhitis

  • methabolism disorder: obesity, overweight




·        interruption of patient’s skin continuity

·    pyorrhoea,

·    dermatosis,

·    wounds,

·    unhealed scar,

·    fever heat,

·    cancerous leisions (esp. melanoma),

·    phlebothrombosis, venous thrombus,

·    bleedings (esp. vascular),

·    nephrolithiasis, cholelithiasis,

·    internal organs inflammations,

·    bleedings,

·    menstruation.



·       peacemaker or other prosthesis,

·    heart diseases, irregular blood pressure,

·    sikn diseases,

·    cancerous diseases of venous system

·    states after surgical operations,

·    pregnancy,

·    alcoholic intoxication.